We have been in business since May 1989. The principle contacts are:

Jack Wade - In Memory Of
James Wade - President
Twalla Slott - General Manager
Ashley Shepherd - Marketing/Graphic Design/Accounts Payable
Doug Perkins - Buyer
Jeff Ward - Buyer
Rick Henderson - Project Manager
Joanna Wheeler - Bookkeeping
Nasser Sharif - In Memory Of
Randy Wheeler - Sales
Kirk Williams - Sales
Zahi Akra- Sales
Michael Shepherd - Driver Supervisor


Our product line has everything for your convenient store needs, including cigarettes,

Tobacco, candy, drinks, automotive, drugs, paper products, and dry good groceries.

We report data to MSA for:

Philip Morris
R.J.Reynolds America
United States Tobacco
American Snuff
John Middleton Tobacco
Commonwealth/Altadis Tobacco
Liggett Myers
Swisher Sweet
Swedish Match